Hydration Moisture Face Mask Dr. Jart+ and JMsolution

Today i am going to review two masks

Dr. Jart+ (Vital Hydra Solution) and JMSolution (Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Mask)

There are a lot masks in the market nowadays. Honestly, i don't know which is better. Thanks to technology today, we have more choices and also we can read more reviews online.

I have been hearing these brands and here I am trying out.



Both are almost the same price but 
JMSolution come with 10pieces
Dr. Jart+ only come with 5 pieces

Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution

I am seeing more Dr.Jart+ review or advertisement more.

Their Mask come with a plastic on top. You will need to peel off the plastic before you can put on your mask.
Dr. Jart+ Ingredients majority including antioxidant and moisturising

The ingredients in Dr. Jart+ are more than JMsolution mask.

JMsolution Marine Luminous Pearl Deep Moisture Mask

A one-go pack for face and eye in just 3 steps.

This is a very special mask that come with 3 steps. It provide a separate cream for before and after mask.

Step 1, they provided more cream and it can be applied on eye too! Usually mask provided are more watery while JMsolution provided a separate serum to apply before you place your mask on.

I believe everyone do not know what to do after mask, should we wash or continue with our daily face care?

This mask provide you the after mask step, which to apply moisturiser which provided in Step 3.

JMsolution really moisture my face after using. JMSolution Ingredients majority including antioxidant, brightening and moisturising! 

Mask material soft cotton type and is moisture.

Step 1 Luminous Essence where can be apply on eye too 

After mask, apply Step 3 Marine All Face Eye Cream to your Face, Eye and even .


To have effective mask, make sure you have 
1. Cleanse your face
2. Use Toner to wipe again, just to make sure is clean.
Before apply your mask.

After your mask, pat gently till all absorb. It is to prevent it clock your pores and cause breakout.
Some mask will leave your skin a bit dry after mask. I will always apply Moisturiser to make sure outer skin is not dry up.

Sometimes you may experience breakout from a mask, it could be high chances you didn't do a good job in cleansing your face first!


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