Restaurant Hin Kee - Ah Hock Tua Cha 大炒

Hokkien mee hun mee. i hunger for it! This is the Hokkien style dark sauce noodle. It mix with pork fats (oil), big fat noodle, shrimp, small slices of pork and dark caramel sauce created a nice fragrant Hokkien Mee!

福建米粉面 。我渴望吧!这是福建的风格黑暗酱面。它混合了猪肉脂肪(油) ,大肥面,虾,猪肉和黑焦糖酱的小片创建一个很好的芬芳福建面!

Fried Squid - yummy... Some restaurant fried squid is not chew-able, not crispy and no taste. Ah Hock squid definitely satisfy your taste bud! and no worry about the chewing part.

I believe when i mentioned Restaurant Hin Kee to any Klang people, they would not know where it is. But if i say Ah Hock tua cha, the reply will be "ohhhhh.... I Know"

Klang is famous surrounded by Hokkien people, well Ah Hock Tua Cha is the Hokkien pronunciation. It always a look out eating place among friends and family for dinner or supper. As is a Hokkien place, Hokkien Noddle will be the popular one. Like other Tua Cha stalls/Restaurant, they serve cantonese noodle, Keow teow, seafood like lala, clam, bali tong, fried squid, fried mantis shrimp - all these are my favorite. The seafood usually is like snack for supper or like dessert for dinner.

Looking for supper and beer, this will be the right place. There are uncle aunties and even youngster now hanging there till mid night enjoying football.They do open till very late at night about 2am. Generally, they serve nice tua cha and is one of the best in Klang.

炸鱿鱼 - 美味...有些餐厅炸鱿鱼是不能咀嚼,能不香脆没有味道。啊福鱿鱼绝对满足你的味蕾!并没有关于咀嚼的部分担忧。

我相信,当我提到餐厅轩记任何人巴生,他们也不会知道它在哪里。但如果我说啊福大炒,回答将是“ohhhhh ....我知道”

巴生是由著名的福建人包围,不错啊福茶图阿是闽南语发音。它总是出来一看吃了朋友和家人之间的地方晚餐或宵夜。由于是福建的地方,闽南语面将是受欢迎的。像其他的大炒摊点/餐厅,他们提供粤菜米线,炒果条,海鲜像拉拉,文蛤,巴厘岛塘,炸鱿鱼,炸虾蛄 - 所有这些都是我的最爱。海鲜通常是这样的零食吃夜宵或类似甜点吃晚饭。


**For Ladies, it is not suitable to go there at late night. It sort of crowded type place.
**For too hygiene person, you can forget about this place. Probably pack is a better choice.


PRICE | 价钱
LOVE | 爱

5-6pm to 1-2am 
WHERE | 那里
Restaurant Hin Kee
No. 8, Jalan Prai 2, Jalan Meru, Kawasan 19, 41050 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia 
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