8 days Korea itinerary

Korea 8 Days itinerary.



Day 1


630am - arrive Seoul 

- Find airport railroad in the airport

- Buy metro card krw5k, top up krw50k

8am - take metro to Seoul station

9am - arrive Seoul station 

- Out of station u will smell walnut cake (walnut cake red bean)

- Find food / breakfast. Michelin recommended restaurant : Mealbon at second floor

- Purchase KTX ticket to Busan. Purchase return ticket too.

Check in Hotel and rest a bit if tired. 

Lunch: samgyetang, BBQ

Go Gwanghwamun Castle

: See Gwanghwamun Gate 경복궁 광화문 (open 24 hours)

: Cheonggyecheon stream

- Seoul Tower

7pm: DDP art and ddp market (B the B)  free analysis (free)

Dinner: ssada gimbab 

PM: Heunginjimun gate walk2 take photo (near Dongdaemun) Open 24 hours


- Hyundai City Outlets


Blue Elephant spec

Sappun shoe

Get free Olive Young bag after register

Day 2


Breakfast : Gwangjang market (Eat local food instead of seafood) https://www.koreatodo.com/gwangjang-market

Food to try:

  • Bindaetteok (Mung Bean Pancakes)

  • Boribap (Rice and Barley with Vegetables)

  • Eomukguk (Fish Cake Soup)

  • Mayak (means drug, addictive like drug) Kimbap (bite-size dried seaweed rolls)

  • Kalguksu (Korean knife-cut noodle soup)

  • Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)

Go HIKR ground 

walk to lotte departmental mall

Walk to Myeongdong

Lunch—> restaurant: myeongdong dal-galbi 

Hanok village and Ikseon-dong Hanok Village (Many nice and instagramable cafe)

4.30pm: Insadong (look for ssamziegil as well)

7pm: picnic at hangang river (yeouido hngang park)

—> Korean friend recommend Seonyudo Park

830pm: dongdaemun shopping (I manage to visit Migliore mall only - not recommend to go, pricey for ladies clothing)

Day 3

Seoul to Busan


KTX to Busan will take 3hours

Check in Hotel and rest a bit if tired. 

Night - walking distance to Haeundae market and beach 

> sul-bing dessert

Day 4


AM : Gukje market & Bupyeong kkangtong market 

—> Brunch at Gaemizib restaurant (open at 11am)

PM: Gamcheon cultural village (take metro n bus to reach)

Dinner: Samcheon market walk2

—> restaurant: miryang sundae dwaeji-gukbap 

Night : Gwangalli beach (can buy snacks, drinks n mat here to chill, otherwise just go to bar)

Day 5


AM: Haeundae blue line park for sky capsule / beach train (sit taxi as just nearby airbnb)

Note: Not sure if can get online and check the timing. If can’t suggest u go direct first thing in the morning to buy ticket first, and hop to any cafe for breakfast while waiting. (I need to wait an hour)


—> reload anther krw20k t-money


Lunch : Jagalchi market. I tried stall 67 to pick seafood, and tried snow crab, urchin, abalone, octopus, pajeon. 

Desert: Namcheon Green Tea Pat Bingsu (truly localized spot)


5pm: oryukdo islets (close at 7pm) windy, not encourage to wear skirt


Dinner: Chinese restaurant near airbnb / haeundae (can try red door restaurant instead)

—> buy famous makgeolli from Bolsoondoga Makgeolli near airbnb / haeundae

Day 6

Busan to Seoul

Breakfast: Woodduk Haejang-guk Gamjatang Heaundae headstore

10am: Visit Sealife Busan aquarium, near haeundae/ airbnb

—> brought kimbap for ktx later (Cheongdam-dong Manyeo Gimbap Heaundae)

12pm: checkout

Lunch: Goraesa Eomuk Fishcake Shop (taste normal for noodle. But can try their other displayed fish cake variety)

1pm: head to busan station for ktx to Seoul 

2.20pm: ktx to Seoul

5pm: to airbnb

Korean beef bbq (restaurant: myeongin deungsim) I still prefer Japanese beef 

GoTo mall (share u via IG)

Banpo hangang rainbow bridge (car free day on Sunday)

Day 7


Hongdae (shopping)

Yeontral Park (shopping recommended by korean friend - link from hongdae 

Dinner: pork bbq  (restaurant: Jaengbanjib 8292, recommended by korean friend)

Pancake: Jwon Makgeolliano (served very nice potato pancake pair w Makgeolli)

Coffee: Blue bottle (not nice for me)

Day 8


Breakfast: Eggdrop (toast - taste much better than Isaac)

Check out to hotel near airport 

12pm: Lotte mart (near airport/hotel)

2pm: lunch nearby 




Places to note: 

—> Itaewon (can skip unless u want drink and nightlife)

—> Seoul station Lotte mart (only place that I know can get box for packaging, this mart also have more things as it’s big)

—> Namdaemun market. (When I reach around 7pm mostly closed. But I see their hat mostly 10k only, cheaper than Busan. Perhaps can explore during the day)

—> myeongdong (full of shopping and street food at night. Suggest u can shop n take street food for dinner)


-       Head to Daiso to get any necessities (mask, conditioner, mouth wash, etc). Snacks is cheap too

-       Stocking cheap here average krw1.5k/pair, not recommended to bring from home

-       Jagalchi market closed first, third and fifth Tuesday

-       T-money buy with krw5k. Additional reload krw70k. Total spend krw75k. So I think u can straight away reload 50k. Can try this: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C8iLH4SvmxR/?igsh=aWh1OWFyb21mbzNk

-       Busan must try: Fish cake with soup (like oden) street food

-       Seoul must try: potato pancake on my Day6 restaurant



Korean words to learn:

Yi geo hana juseyo (this give me one pls)

Kamshamida (thank you)

Yi geo eolmayeyo? (How much is this?)

App to download

1. Naver: App for maps

2. TripPass

3. KakaoMap

Train Map

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