No Name Mkn Haus Nasi Lemak 350A Anchorvale Road Sengkang

Nasi Lemak at 350A Anchorvale Road hawker. This stall is always long queue. They serve nice sambal and crispy hot chicken! 

I totally love the sambal as it is more on the sweet side.
The chicken is well-marinated and it always have a fragrant of the chicken spice when it is served. The skin is crispy.

It is always long queue during 7-8am. The drink stall is also very long queue during peak hour. It is actually walkable from
- Anchorvale Community Club
- Nan Qiao Primary School
- Springdale Primary School
- Anchor Green Primary School

Beside this coffee shop, there is a Sheng Siong.
Stall does not open at night.


 350A Anchorvale Road Sengkang, S544317


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