Food in Kopitiam at Sengkang Square

I think Sengkang Square is the biggest hawker in Sengkang. You can find all types of foods there from early morning to night. There is a huge space in Sengkang Square. It is operate by Kopitiam. So make sure you have you card available to enjoy discount using Kopitiam card. There is few machines at the side for you to top up you card. It can be top up by cards/nets.

Get a nice morning coffee or tea.

In afternoon, tables will start open up at the back of the market. A lot drinkers are there enjoying at late night.

You can even find satay, chicken wings, malay and indian cruisine too.


In Sengkang square, there are two vegetarian stalls just at the middle lane of the Kopitiam. Both are long queue on 1st and 15th of Chinese day.


If you want to eat something soupy, you can get from this Spinach shop. You can see your ingredients from the 5 types and type of noodle. They have variety of noddle including Bi Tai Mak and macaroni that come with big full of spinach!

Another stall of soupy will be Qiu Lan Ban Mian

Bah cho Mee noodle

Jun Yuan House of fish

See more review here.


King of Fried rice

Penyet Kailini

Bah Kut Teh

Mala hotpot

Zhi Char

Pork belly 

Claypot tou fu 

if you need Malaysian style Fried Noodle


Hot plate teriyaki chicken! The chicken is crispy coated with teriyaki sauce.


10 Sengkang Square, Kopitiam Square, Singapore 544829

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