Riding Theory Test Singapore Tips

Written on Jan 2015

Questions are tricky where they play with your mind and answer are sometimes almost similar.
The confuse part for me is always penalties for drinking, probation rider and non-probation rider within how many years and how many demerit points being subtract.

Notes that need to take notes:
1. Lights need to be turn on at all time to prevent dazzling other drivers
2. Top gear - full gear - Cruising
    for long  straight road, cruising along expressway, joint expressway
    Low gear - power gear
    for negotiating bend or corner, stopping or turning at junction, riding up slope, approaching hazard
3. Tyre with tread should not less than 1.6mm in depth
4. Under pressure type
    - inefficiency brake
    - wear and tear

    - Tyre puncture
5. Catalytic converter is to reduce exhaust and protect environment pollution
6. You must sit near the oil tank
7. Throttle wrist at 120 degree
8. Engine Brake - Means throttle close, lower the gear
9. Intermittent brake - press on brake two to three times
10. Before going flood, low gear. After flood, check brake by pressing on the brake few times
11. There is 6 positions of 2 head collisions.
12. Side gap
     moving vehicle is 1.5m
     non-moving vehicle is 1m

13. Aqua-planning - wet water build in rider tyre
14. If there is not written speed limit, it will be 50kmh
15. Safe gap when riding is 16kmh car length rules or 2 seconds rules - for any speed - any vehicles.
16. Stopping distance = reaction distance + braking distance
17. Reaction time - is moment a hazard seen to the time the brake applied
18. Braking distance - the moment i brake to the time the vehicle stop.
19. Centrifugal force - force to push your vehicle to outer bend of the road.
20. When bike puncture - it sway from left to right - balance yourself by turn your bike to the opposite direction of sway
21. When your bike skid, turn your bike to the skid direction.
22. Probation rider/new rider did not display P tag on bike on first time will get fine
23. Probation rider/new rider did not display P tag on bike on second time will get license revoked.
24. Probation rider/new rider accumulate 13 merits/more than 12 merits within 12 months will get license revoked
24. Non-probation user, accumulate 24 points or more in 24 months consecutive will have his first suspension of 12 weeks
25. Revoked rider can only retake their license after 1 year
26. Loose chain can stall the rear tyre
27. Chain slack is less than 20mm
28. Clutch lever free play gap is 10-20mm
29. brake level and pedal  free play is 15-20mm
30. You be charging as drink driving when you lose control of your vehicle even though you have low alcohol consumption.
31. You should dip your vehicle highbeam lights when you are approaching 100m of another vehicle
32. When there is on coming traffic with bright headlights, look to the left kerb.
33. Reaction TIME INCREASE when rider consume alcohol
34. Braking DISTANCE LONGER on a wet road
35. When there is sand, drive slower
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