Tan Yu Charming Grilled Fish 探鱼烤鱼

Green pepper grilled fish Tan yu 
Green pepper grilled fish Tan yu

Tan Yu 探鱼 Served only 4 types of fish. It makes things easy when ordering.

First choose your fish:

Limbo Fish - Xing Jiang Fish - Seabass Fish - Limbo Fillet fish.

Then Choose your Sauce:

With Green Pepper - With Beancurd - With Soy Sauce (Top 3)

There is more sauces but above the Tan Yu recommendations.

This is the Green Pepper Limbo Fish which are Mala spicy. The Mala and green pepper is so appetising by just smelling it. The spiciness is bearable like green pepper. Mix the sauce with rice is totally a good combination! I would highly recommend to try this first!

* Mala spicy is spicy that create numbness.

This is grilled Limbo Fish with Soy sauce. Suitable for kids! Non-spicy! Tan Yu fish is weight about 1.2kg. One fish can be consume by 2-3 pax. If you have 4-5 pax, I would suggest to order two fishes and you can try two different flavour.

Mala with Beancurd. I think this does not taste better than the above two choices. Not very mala spicy although I never specifically indicate I want less mala. Mala is also a common dishes in every places.

This is the latest addition which I am not sure it will be permanent or opening promo at Waterway Point! It is salted sour fish. It is appetising but it get saltier once water lesser. No worry, ask to add more soup! 

Grill spicy eggplant! They have chilli, garlics, spring onion sprinkle on top. Everything just blend well together. Yummy! 

Order side dishes to cook with the fish. You can add beancurd, mushroom, lotus root, potato, sausage and more selection for price range from $3.50 to $5.50.

I always have 2 questions when come to fish.
First Question:
Does the fish has a lot small bones?
I hate fish with small bones. I don’t like picking up the small bone parts and i am so afraid of choking onto the bones. I have to treasure hunt on the fish before I can give it to my kids. It always give me uneasy feeling when come to bones. Good news is Limbo and Seabass Pass! I haven’t try the XingJiang fish before. I will try next round and update you again.

Second Question:
Does the fish smell like smelly drain (longkang smell)?
I googled, Limbo fish is actually catfish or Patin in Malay. I bought before Patin and it really smell like drain. You must have skill to eliminate the smelly from the fish else it definitely taste yucky even the meat is tender and soft. This Pass too!

The Limbo fish is really tender and soft. 

Side dishes

Grilled squid! It is easily chewable, spicy! 

This is the grill Lamb with Curry powder. No worry, it can be easily chew and appetising. 3 sticks at $6.90.

Grilled lamb! You have smell the lamb. It is combination with some fats meat which make the grilled smell and taste better!

This is their Hot item too. The Grilled Eggplant. There is sprinkle of garlic and spring onions on top with some curry powder. Definitely a special one. This cost at $4.90

This is the only sauce noodle available. You will be able to smell the onion oil which so appetising! 

Nice decoration!

Even the bowl and cutlery already add points to the outcome of the food. Do you know, a nice food should also come with nice cutlery to make the whole dining jovial.

They also offer refillable drink for Lemon Black tea (hot) only at a good price of $2.00.

Water chestnut at $2.80. 

Rice at $1 for a bowl.

This is the entrance of the Tan Yu at Bugis Junction. Cute right the icon! You can imagine the fish smell like when the fish is poke on the stick and grill it! The smell of the grill add point to the dish.  

Stay home stay Safe! Yes, they have delivery. Order from here.

You can also visit their 5 outlets at Singapore:

313 Orchard


Bugis Junction

Waterway Point 
#B1-08 West Wing (use to be KFC)

Tampines One

***TIPS: If you have your meal at Bugis, you can scan your bill to CapitaMall app and collect points. The points can turn into voucher to be use in all CapitaMall Singapore.

If you have your meal at Waterway Point, remember to scan your Fraser App during payment. The points can turn into voucher.


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