Papatonk Self Brewing Coffee and Tea

Papatonk is the first self brewing Coffee and Tea which is product of Indonesia. Currently Sheng Siong Singapore is having promo of $3.90 for 2boxes. Each box can make 4 cups of drink.

What’s inside the box?

- 4 x sachets Ground Coffee / Tea
- 4 Sugar + Creamer (do not have creamer for 2in 1 Coffee)
- 4 x Filter cups
- 1 x Spoon
- 1 x Ring Adapter

This is how it look like. Don’t trash your ring and spoon till the last cup. The cups are with holes at the bottoms cover with a thin filter. 

How to brew?
Just hot water!
The ring adapter is the key on how to adjust your drink strong or light.

Pour your tea into the cup. The cup is made of paper and is not reusable.

Let it drip slowly...

After added the creamer and sugar this is how it looks like for green tea. Honestly the green tea taste more like milk tea, but there still some green tea smell.

Among the 4 types of drink they offered, the Winner is Hong Kong Milk Tea. The milk tea is really smooth.

2 in 1 coffee is the black coffee. When you buy coffee, look carefully for 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 coffee! Definitely taste better with creamer and also more worthy because of same price but come with creamer! *wink*

 Hope you enjoy your Coffee or Tea brewed at home! 

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