Nic & Tom Eatery 少年食堂 at Serangoon Garden

The fruit tea! This is really really good. The fragrant from the mix fruits are really aroma! Priced at $7.90. You can add hot water but the second round sweetness no longer there but the aroma is still there.

This is their signature Sea food Cheese noodle. 海鲜气死粉was named for the noodle which I found it quite creative. There is prawn and scallop, the cheese soup is really smooth and nice. I love the soup but the noodle is really little. If they can give more noodle will be good as it really enough as appetiser for me. Price at only $9.90 is worth.

They also have abalone cheesy noodle at only $14.90! Really one whole abalone on top.

The bowl the serve is really big. By just looking at next table bowl already make you wanted to order it! 

Another of their beverage, the ginger milk is really really good. It make of real ginger instead of instant ginger. It’s quite a big cup compare to the cafe around Serangoon garden.

55 Serangoon garden way
555951 Singapore.
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