Fort Canning Spiral Starcase - Singapoliday

Fort Canning Spiral staircase is not on the map. Honestly, I would not be able to find if I never ask the guard on duty there.

Without a wide lens, you will not be able to take the full spiral staircase. Here, half of the stairs and half of the top view.

The Spiral Staircase is really hidden gem just beside the main road. Yes, it not really a big place.

You can go down by the spiral stairs or by this small pathway to the spiral stairs.

You can also walk along the Fort Canning looking at historical building like Old Married Soldiers Quarter.

For Singaporean and PR, You can also can visit National Museum for free. 

The most mesmerising place in the National Museum - The Story of the Forest where you can walk along the path to see and hear the nature.


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