Coney Island Singapore Singapoliday

This is the entrance to coney island which you can reach here from Punggol settlement.
If you plan to walk the whole island, that will be about 3.5km from west to east gate.
You can rent bicycle and cycle or walk around. If you want to go leisure, I would suggest to go from West Entrance as the attractions are located at the West.

This is also a good place for jogging. It is a very quiet place for weekday and it is not crowded on early weekend morning.

This is the west entrance from Punggol settlement.

Walk along the sea side, You will see Coney Island on your left side.

Beach Area B

There are beaches in Coney Island. But it actually not suitable to panic.

You can literally lost in the juggle.. but its a nice instragrammable places.

There is also some exercise tools built from nature.

Don't worry, you have rest area.

This is the road which took about 1km to the East gate.

You definitely be satisfy! Nice and fresh air! I did it!
One more places in Singapore I have conquer.


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