Sungai Buloh Park Singapoliday

This is another unique Park that we should visit in Singapore. Is this architecture special?
You can see it is actually facing Johor. The background of it is Johor.

You can see the map here. When you go around left pond, you see birds and ponds.
When you go around right, you will see the birds pod.

Sungai Buloh Park is a big park to explore. So get ready:
👌 Food 
👌 Water
👌 Umbrella

You are not allow to bring: 
🙅 Bicycle
🙅 Scooter

Need more information and understand Wetland, you can stop by the Wetland Center located at both entrance.

The tree just look Epic!

There is few pods. It is built of wooden that gave birds easily hang our there. If you are a birds photographer, here could be your all day hang out place. You can capture really huge bird flying low just above you.

You can also find crocodile here if you are lucky!


A short hanging bridge.

If you are lucky, you be able to catch up with monkeys too! 

It is totally a nice weather to wait for Birds.

Opening Time:

7am - 7pm.

Parking lots are limited.


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