Biscuit Ais Cream in Singapore

Well Well Well.. This is the first time I tasted Biscuit Ice-cream. It is popular in Singapore. For tourist, this is definitely must try item in Singapore. You can find it easily at tourist spot like Orchard, Clarke Quay and Bugis. It look like stall on a bike which usually stopped at the pedestrian walk.

The ice cream is wraped with biscuit or another option is with bread. Nice and cheap!! It is only SGD1.00. 
They have different flavours: Corn, Blueberry, Vanila, chocolate.. etc etc.. Subject to availability. Sometimes is long queue especially on hot day.

PRICE | 价钱

LOVE | 爱

11-12pm to 5-7pm

WHERE | 那里
Tourist spot like Orchard, Clarke Quay and Bugis. 
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