View From Mount Faber Singapore

View from Mount Faber. Below is Telok Blangah Housing Estate. The building that I am pointing at, is the flat i am staying. Looks like Lego right.

How to reach Mount Faber from Telok Blangah?
There is few stairs access from Telok Blangah, and in a short distance about 5-10mins, you can reach the top. Don't believe? Maybe i should disclose the height of Mount Faber which is 105 metres (344 ft.) only!! 

There is cafe and restaurant on top of Mount Faber. Those who want to have a romantic run or romantic sight seeing from top of mountain, there is bench all the way.

Who is this? look lost and tired. It's ok. Let me catch her and send her back home. She tired to run down the hill. 
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