BBQ PLAZA, Bangkok, Thailand
Heard before BBQ plaza?? It derived from Thailand. When I see this restaurant, my mind start connect to Malaysia BBQ Plaza. In Thailand, it is a Open-Air restaurant and is in buffet style. The open air can fit up to 100 tables. While in malaysia, is usually located inside shopping center and is usually in sets. It used Cabbage to cook the soup and BBQ on the middle. 
Thai have more variety of choice. If your table is far away, you need to walk a bit to reach for your food. 


This is in BBQ plaza in MALAYSIA. You can order a-la-carte or eat in buffet style or order their set. It often Long queue in most of the branches especially on weekend dinner time. In case you are not full, you can order rice to eat with.

Price: $$
Love: ❤❤
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