Annalakshmi @ China Town

Annalakshmi is an Vegetarian Indian Cuisine Restaurant located at China Town. you can order what ever you like and Pay any amount you want. Their believe is
"Eat What You Want, Give What You Feel, We Believe in You, We Trust You"

I went with 2 of my friends and we ordered 2 main courses, 2 different side dishes, 3 yogurt drinks. In total, we paid SGD20. Generous right?

 The restaurant setting looks grand and seems to be a good place for dating and family meal. It is not noisy type and service is good. A cozy place to have your meal. Food serving is generally just nice portion and is good. Some may think this type of concept usually provide bad service or bad quality of food. I would say it is as good as others and a lot better atmosphere than others.


我去我的朋友2 ,我们订购2道主菜, 2种不同的小菜, ​​3酸奶饮料。总体上,我们付出SGD20 。大方吧?

PRICE | 价钱
Depends on your generosity

LOVE | 爱


WHERE | 那里
#01-04, Central Square 20, Havelock Road Singapore 059765
(Nearest MRT station: Clarke Quay (Exit B) or Chinatown (Exit E))
Tel No: +65 6339 9993


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