i - C I T Y @ Shah Alam

Well... everyone will thought this is very far place away from Malaysia...lol Located at Shah Alam. The lighting is very nice but is hot!! i keep sweating.. It is a good photo taking spot which looks like korean romantic places. Thumbs up!!

Outside Wide Area Lighting.

Recently, they have been building more attraction here like wet world, Wax musuem, Trick of art, and snow walk.

Wet world open on day time that is a water park.
Wax Musuem (Red Carpet) contains about 160 icons namely World Icons, Celebrities, Sport Stars, World Book of Records, Interactive and All Stars Café.
Trick of Art is the 3D picture where you it looks so real when you take picture on it.
Lastly is the snow walk, jacket provided for you to experience real snow like winter time.

Red Carpet

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