Dessert bowl 一碗甜品 @ Serangoon Garden

Dessert Bowl is famous of dessert and Durian Moose is one of their popular dessert. The shop is located at the first floor on a shop lot in Serangoon Garden. When I first step in the first stair towards the shop, the strong durian pungent is loitering there. Err.. For those who does not like durian, I know you hate that.

When you enter the shop, you find miniature of localize stall of Hong Kong. It is along a pathway where you queue for table. Then you see two sofa facing out of the shop, when you can enjoy dessert and the view of the street.

Ok, Let's back to the Durian moose. On my first sip of the durian moose, the texture of the moose is so smooth and the taste is breathtaking. Great one!! You can also take away. While my first taste of Durian moose is my flatmate pack back for me. It still taste good after few days in the fridge. This is definitely a come back for me. I do bring many of my friends and tourist here, and I always get good review of it! Some even came back for consecutive days. lol

The second popular dessert they have is the Mango Pomelo. If you have eaten the durian first, this dessert will become so so to you. So I would strongly recommend you to start with other desserts first and save the durian moose for the last.





Mango Pomelo
Durian Moose

If you are a durian fans and you want to have XO durian moose, check out this shop
PRICE |  价钱

Tue to Thur 12pm - 10.30pm
Fri to Sun 12pm - 12am
Closed on Mon

WHERE | 哪里
 80 Serangoon Garden Way Singapore 555976 
Tel No : 6285 1278
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