Chuan Garden Restaurant

The nearest MRT is Chinatown. Exit A you will see on your right hand side.

When you look at the food, spicy assumption is made. The foods are not like chilli padi spicy but is another type of spicy that make your tongue numb. Chuan Restaurant has a cozy and elegant environment. Si Chuan delicacies are definitely spicy appetizing.With haebin beer, it soothe all the spiciness.

Squid with latern chili. This is not that spicy. The latern chilli are cute which hardly see in Singapore. It is a baby squid and it not mend to be tender.

Tan tan noodle, sweet and spicy noodle. It is definitely a spicy one.
Spicy noodle
Spicy internal organ dip in spicy soup.
Stir fried spicy chicken with lotus. This is one of my favorite. The chicken is fried till crispy only they stir fried with the rest of the ingredients.

It's is like salty vege fish soup. The meats are tender. After all the spicy food, you will start appreacite this. But this definitely a good soup that seems to boil for hours.

This is another type of Spicy noodle.

Address: 79 Pagoda St, Singapore 059238
Phone:6222 3451
Love:  ❤❤❤❤
Price: $$$$

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