Gerai 客来美食 The Food Loft @ Setia Alam

This cafe serve local delicacies and Laksa is their signature dishes.
They have two floors and we are at the second floor.

Mee Rebus - one of the recommended dish.

Laksa - This is their signature dish. The Laksa has a special taste

Asam Laksa - This is Special Today dishes. It is not available everyday.

A bowl of noodle in Gerai will not fit a Man appetite. Overall Gerai noodle comes with thick creamy soup. They make used of natural ingredients scented the dishes and taste. The price of a bowl noodle/rice is average from RM8.90 to 12.90.
面摊一碗不适合在一个人的食欲。总体面摊带有厚厚的奶油汤。它们使天然成分的使用,并品尝香味的菜肴。米线/一碗米饭的价格平均从RM8.90至12.90 。

PRICE | 价钱  $$$
LOVE | 爱  ❤️ 
OPENING TIME | 营业时间  10am to 11pm
WHERE | 那里 6-1-1, Jalan Setia Prima (B) U13/B, Setia Alam 40170 Shah Alam, Malaysia
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