Genting-KL Trip

Our trip started on 20th March 2008... Thursday evening. 21 March is a Public Holiday (Good Friday) in Singapore.

After work, 6pm sharp.... we walk to Red Hill MRT station to travel to Kraji MRT station. From there we get into bus 170 to go to Johor. Due to Mas Selamat escape, we are stuck in the traffic and custom was super jammed. We align at few km from Kraji MRT and start our backpack journey. We walk to Singapore custom and queue for an hour to get through the immigration. From Singapore custom, we walk to Malaysia Custom. Wow... First time I walk so far and was totally exhausted. Luckily, there was no human jam in Malaysia custom. Then we packed McD and walk to KTM station to go KL Central.

The train toilet was small and dirty. ok, we should expected that. The whole journey, we were not sleeping well as train keep shaking. From Johor to KL it took 8 hours and in between the train will stop for quite a number of stations. Every stop, there will people in and out and caused disturbing to sleeper. Blanket was provided but it is dirty.
6am - Finally we arrive. Had a bath and breakfast in KL Central.

Next, we proceed to Genting. There is hourly bus from KL Central to Genting. In an hour, we were at Genting. We went for theme park and night we went for casino till 430am. And I am only winning sgd5. More tired than working!!

On 3rd day, 12noon, we check out of the hotel and take bus back to KL central and taxi back to my house. Then I bring them to eat seafood, go tour around the curve and lastly went to KTV till 3am.

On the Last day, we went morning Bah Kut Teh... then tour around KLCC, then go back Singapore
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