Tim Hou Wan Dim Sum

You must be thinking the always Long queue Tim Hou Wan is super nice. Maybe i bring high expectation in and in return with disappointment. It looks the same with other sum. The only specialties they have is the Cha Siew Pao.

Inside Char siu pau - Hot and nice.
This is the famous Char siew pao which is crispy outside. When you bite at it, the hot char siew sauce leak out from the pao.

The rest of the below items are just ordnary. I did not smell the pungent smell of the leaf rice.

This us fried noodle. Very hard to bite.

They put wolf berries on top of the siew mai.

The taste is insipid. Eating with chilli would be better.

Look like premium food, yet the taste is rather bland.

This is the menu they have.
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