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The fact Titlis Rotair, Switzerland

The entrance of Titlis! We are here!! Can't wait to reach the top of hill and yes the snow!! 
Titlis is 3020m high. Indication of some mountain height.
Ticketing counter
With our tickets, we are ready to go!

Bicycle for rider to rent. 

We taken two different types of transport to get to the top of the mountain.
First we took this cable car. Then we change to Rotair, which is a Gondola that will revolve 360 degree to see the scenery better.

When you are at Gondola, the breathtaking view. The little alps! 

We reach Top of the mountain!! Although is hot sun, but is very very cold. No snow falling.

We walk around at a BIG SPACE of snow garden.

Touching the ice. See the ice, let me reflect of ice kacang! Ok, I need Gula Melaka! 

 On top of the Titlis hill, there is attraction too. Ice flyer. It is a separation cost which is less than 10swissfranc.

Ice Flyer, We sit on this flying chair and it fly us down and up from the cliff. Since it is not a popular thingy, we are granted to do multiple times by the generous iceflyer controller.

We are flying!

This is the first time i am at snow mountain. It definitely a fun one for me.

**Tips: Bring chocolate along, as you will need a lot energy and there is lower oxygen there. Chocolate will make you comfortable.
Check availabilities on their website before going.

If you would like to go for higher mountain in Switzerland, go to Jungfrau.
Do consider going if you have medical problem.

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