Ting heng seafood restaurant

Today there is some hiccup in the company. Well work over time is a norm. So I work till 10pm... Hungry!! My colleague said: why not we go dinner before going home?. Yea dinner at 10! 

So I say ok and he brought me to this place near Tiong Bahru there where they have Zhi char.

Big space where you see something like Malaysia environment.

Fried spring chicken. This is nice, the chicken is slightly crispy and the meat is tender. Easily wallop by a man or a hungry woman! ;)

Sotong kangkung. This dish usually can get from hawker store. The sauce is watery, I would prefer more thick prawn paste type.

Spring onion Deer meat. I never thought I can get this exotic food in Singapore. Yes, this is nice! Meat is chewy.

I would the price and food is good.

WHERE | 哪里
82 Tiong Poh Rd, Singapore 160082
dog checks

5pm - 4am 
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