Chicken Up - Korean Chicken

Chicken up is famous of their Authentic Korean Fried Chicken. Chickens are double fried. They also offer Watermelon Soju and good Bingsu.

Do you need queue during peak hour?  Yes. But is about half an hour.
They have a good service. Thumb up!

Chicken up 著名的正宗韩国炸鸡。鸡炒双。他们还提供西瓜烧酒和良好的Bingsu 。

The spicy sauce                                                              The Soyu

Want a comparison between Chicken up vs 4fingers?
If you want me to compare with 4fingers, this is definitely better as their service and quality is more towards restaurant standard while 4fingers are more towards fast food. 
If you compare the chicken size, this is definitely bigger size. Therefore, price are higher than 4fingers.

Korean fried chicken usually more towards sweet. The skin is Super crispy and the meat is tender. When u bite, the juicy chicken sauce is dripping. You can choose the flavor, to be salty or sweet sour spicy. You can also choose between wings or drumstick too.

Soyu chicken is nice, it has a salty fragrant bite. This Soyu taste definitely is a reason for you to come back. 

想知道 4fingers vs Chicken Up 之间的比较?

如果你要我与4fingers比较,Chicken up的服务肯定更好,质量更趋向餐厅的标准,而4fingers都更倾向于快餐。




They always serve chicken that fresh fried from the kitchen to you. You can still see the smoke floating in the air. It is too hot that your hand can't even touch him! To enjoy with your finger rather than fork and knife, ask for a Free glove.. Now we can eat conveniently conventionally!


Kimchi fries. This definitely their recommended dishes. With meats, onion, few different type of sauces. Yes! This flavor is a bit spicy.


Rice cake - just ok only.

Water Melon Bingsu and Rock Melon Bingsu $18
Meal with Chicken Up must end with Bingsu! You will be satisfy with it. Fine blended ice with water melon/rock melon and ice cream topping. It is sufficient for 4 pax!

西瓜Bingsu和网纹瓜Bingsu $ 18个
膳食鸡截至必须Bingsu结束!你会用它来满足。精细混合冰西瓜/网纹瓜和冰淇淋摘心。就足够了4 PAX !

WHERE | 哪里
1. ChickenUp - BUANGKOK MRT 
2. Century Square
2 Tampines Central 5, #01-44 Century Square, 529509
3. 48 Tanjong Pagar Road

PRICE |  价钱
 (more expensive a bit than KFC but is korean style)

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