Gan Jia Zhuang Seafood Restaurant 甘家庄海鲜馆 @ Ang Mo Kio

Gan Jia Zhuang Seafood Restaurant 甘家庄海鲜馆

甘家庄海鲜馆 is a stall located at Block 202 coffee shop. They are famous of cheap and delicious food. Most of  them will go for the meehun crab when they are there. Although is in a coffee shop, the quality of the food is like restaurant standard. You can see the dishes are decorate with extra vegetable and arrange neatly.
甘家庄海鲜馆 是位于202座咖啡馆摊位。他们是著名的廉价和美味的食物。他们中的大多数会去的meehun螃蟹时,他们在那里。虽然是在一个咖啡馆,食品的质量就好餐厅的标准。你可以看到菜是额外的蔬菜装饰整齐排列。

Chili sauce is blended perfectly where it looks attracting. Sauce with lime.
Mushroom Beancurd at $10. A dull beancurd added with straw mushroom created more taste. Then was decorated with green vegetable to make it colorful. This creative idea give me indulgence.
$ 10菇豆腐。沉闷的豆腐与草菇增加创造了更多的味道。然后用绿色蔬菜装饰,使其丰富多彩。这个创意的想法让我放纵。
 Fried Prawn with Pumpkin Sauce at $15. This is definitely recommended dish. The sauce is creamy type and more to the sweet side. It is a healthier version compare to salted egg butter sauce and the taste will not lose to it. You will want to lick the plate just to have the sauce. Thumbs up! It decorate with broccoli to make the whole dish looks awesome!
炸虾与15 $南瓜汁。这绝对是推荐菜。酱油是奶油型多以偏甜。这是一个健康的版本进行比较,以咸蛋黄油酱味道会不会失去它。你会想舔板正好有酱。竖起大拇指!它西兰花装饰,使整道菜看起来真棒!
Curry Fish Head at $22. This is a big pot of curry. When it served, the curry is still boiling. I like this curry, it is not those with a lot curry powder. The curry has great balance of salty and spicy. It used natural spice like curry leave and red chili. Fish head come with big piece of tender meat. Come with eggplant and lady finger. slurrpp...Appetizing to go with hot hot fragrant White rice.
With so many vegetables come together with, we can save from ordering vegetable. This is the best Zhi Char I ever eat in Coffee Shop. The serving time for these three dishes is less than 10mins. I feel so fast. Despite fast,  the food was fresh from kitchen and still hot! I was there on Friday at about 8:30pm. Probably is a none peak hour. Definitely a come back for me for the crab!!

咖喱鱼头为$ 22这是咖喱的大锅。当它送达,咖喱仍然沸腾。我喜欢这个咖喱,它不是那些具有大量咖喱粉。咖喱有咸而辣的大平衡。它采用天然香辛料的咖喱一样假期和辣椒。鱼嘴配备了一块大肉质细嫩。茄子和女士的手指来。 slurrpp ...开胃一起去烫香白米。
有了这么多的蔬菜,走到一起,我们可以从订购蔬菜保存。这是最好的植字符我曾经吃咖啡厅。这三个菜服务时间小于10分钟。我觉得这么快。尽管快,食物从厨房里新鲜还是热的!我在那里上周五约下午8:30 。可能是一个无高峰。这绝对是一个回来找我的螃蟹!

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 #01-1690, 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, 560202
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