Portuguese Settlement Malacca

They are generous with the fish but the fish don't look fresh and it is really spicy! Eating the fish alone without the sauce is not pleasant. So many fish at only RM25

Steam lala is the best dishes among all. This cost about RM15. Yes, they are generous giving the lala. The ginger and Chili created appetising steam lala.

Fried noodle is not nice. The noodles are hard and tasteless. 

Portuguese Settlement is not far away from town yet you need transport to reach there. There are about 10-15 stalls selling almost similar food. Portuguese Settlement popular offering grilled seafood like fish, clam, lala, squid and more.

This is my first time there at about 8pm. You have to park your car at the car park beside the stalls. Parking price is RM2. I Guess they can see I am a tourist. A few ladies and men were trying to help giving direction to have my car park correctly. When you step down, everyone were  shouting their stall number. "Order from me, just say my stall number". Of course, We still cannot decide on which shall to go! So we just walk into Portuguse settlement and just point at a stall as they keep stressing us. 
Dala.. Restaurant 88.

I never want to come here again. I have  uneasy feeling when a bunch of seller circulating us. 

Love ❤️
Price $$
Where Portuguse settlement Perkampungan Portugis 75050 Melaka Malaysia
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