Guksu Hotpot @ Suntec City Mall

For Food lover who work in Suntec or nearby Suntec, you can try Guksu Hotpot set lunch especially during raining day. This is my second time here, set lunch from $12.90 for hotpot in a nice decent restaurant definitely a worth place to visit.

This is pork set with homemade noodle at $13.90. You can choose noodle, ramen or rice. 

This is the seafood set with rice at $14.90.

Mush room set at $12.90. It come with the bowl of vegetable too. Other than mentioned set, they do have beef set too.

Individual pot with fire slowly boiled the soup. You can choose your soup base from anchovies, clam, kimchi, Tom yam and ginseng chicken soup (add $2.50). Korean are famous of anchovies soup while I ordered clam soup and it came with three clams inside. Both soup are delicious and tasty. You can refill the soup. 

Price: $
Love: ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Where: #02 3, Temasek Boulevard 
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