You must be thinking Saizeriya is from Russia? Dubai? Malaysia?  No! It's from Japan. They serves cheap and variety of choice!  
 This kids meal is at only $5.90! My 4yo kids can't even finish her nugget. It is quite a big portion!

Escargot! Only $5.90.. where to get??See video here for the escargot sizzling 

 Classic bacon pizza!! Less than $10. Now they have Classic Haiwaii Pizza at only $5.90
Cheese Chicken at $8.90
Cheese Pork and chicken
TIRAMISSU at $4.90.. served in cold plate and cold spoon! It may not be the high class but at this price, this is good.  We even added $3.90 for free flow drinks and a bowl of salads for 2!  Total of this meal is less than $50. Wow!! I like to come saizeriya because is kids friendly meal! It allow me to have variety and food is owesome! Lastly the price is affordable! 

3 course meal with free flow of drinks. Definitely a good catch!
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