Todak (Orang Asli) Seafood at Johor

Do you know Restaurant is just exact opposite of Singapore. You can see Singapore from the Restaurant. Singapore and Malaysia are just divided by the sea.

They can accommodate many tables and customers but it still full house and even long waiting time on weekend. Singaporean love to go there because of their Fresh and Cheap seafood. You can choose from their Live seafood and cook.

I would say worth the price!

The Red carpet entering the Restaurant. The Restaurant is build above the sea water. During low tide, you will see it build on a muddy soil.

Here is all the live seafoods for you to choose from.  There is big clam as big as your palm and small. Big clam are usually hard, i don't recommend to eat.

Live fishes and prawns to choose from. You can see the price, even converted is still cheaper than Singapore.

Ginger onion lala (clam)

Oat Crab

Chilli crab

Usually we use the shape of scissor to crack the hard shell of crab. You see, they are giving us like a professional kitchen tools to break it. With this, it won't need a strong muscle to crack it.

Buns for your Chilli crab.

6pm already crowded and people waiting for seats. Tips: Come early or come on lunch time.

Butter prawn

大头 it is not muscle.


The lala, clam, prawns and crabs are really fresh! It's is finger licking good. The taste will linger in your mouth and you will crave for it!
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