The Making of Air Dry Clay

I went to Popular bought Nara Ceramic Clay that need air dry only instead of oven is needed.
The clay weigh 500g at S$3.85. 

The steps are easy:
1. Knead and shape. It will dry up if you knead too long or reshape.
2. Left the finished product to dry up to 24 hours on an open air in normal temperature without shrinking or bending.

What did I make?
Cheese for my Mouse. I knead using hand and ruler. Then i use chopstick to mould the circle polka into the cheese.

 I make lollipop by rolling into a straight line. Then i take the straight line into circle. I poke a steal in the middle of the lollipop. I use steal because if won't dissolve compare to using wood. Wood will easily rotten when i put as decor on my plant pot.

My Pineapple, i roll into a ball then i use the steal wire to draw the lines.

I borrow my daughter dough mould and mould the star. The fruits, i just mould a ball and put a small dot as the stem.

Ii just leave it in the room for 24 hours which is the next day. I use acrylic color instead of water color. As i want to put this decor on my plant, therefore acrylic color will not dissolve and it protect the clay.

This is my left over acrylic colors from my kids art and craft work. The big cap is bought from popular. It is shinning type. I like the shinning type as you do not need to lay another layer of glaze on top and it already look shinning.

After Painting, this is my pineapple. My first time Clay and i admit a bit rough craft. ;)

This is my most favourite creation. Golden cheese

My next favourite creation. My snail, mushroom, Lego brick, lollipop and star.

This is how I decorate my plant.

My Golden cheese is for my Mousee.

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