How to Cook Mushroom Big Vege Rice with Rice Cooker?

How to cook Mushroom Big Vege Rice with you rice cooker?
It is simple and easy to cook. The smell of the rice will make you eat two bowls of rice.

What you need:
- Mince shallot and garlic
- 10 dried oysters
- 10 dried Scallops
- 5 Petals of Big vegetable cut into
- Half bowl of Dried Shrimp
- 5 big pieces of Dried Black Mushroom
- 1 and half cup of rice
- 2 teaspoons of Oyster Sauce
- 4 teaspoons of Light Soya Sauce
- 3 teaspoons of Dark Soya Sauce

1. Heat up the oil on the pan.

2. Fried mince shallot and garlic with oil.

3. Once fried till slightly brown, put oysters, scallops and mushroom to fried.

4. Put the rice in to fried together.

5. Put in Oyster sauce, light soya sauce and dark soya sauce.

6. Lastly put in the Big vegetable. No need to be cook, just to get the nice smell and taste.

7. Then put the fried rice into Rice Cooker.

8. Put 2 cups of water.

9. Start cook the rice cooker.

10. Ready to serve.

You also can see the steps on the video below:

Enjoy your meal!

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