Gyu Kaku Wagyu Buffet

This is really a very worth buffet. Free flow of Wagyu beef! They serve more than one type of beef at $54.90 only on weekday!!! 

Lamb rack with mint. 

Cheese Scallop

Meat served are Premium and it is BBQ on charcoal! The taste from charcoal cook is always the best. The cooked is juicy and tender. All meats are marinated and it just taste so tasty.

You can order whatever on this list. You see, they have many types of beefs: Harumi, Wagyu, Misuki, Beef tongue and Karubi.

There is also varieties of chicken, Pork and Lamb to choose from.

Appetiser, salad and Rice are included too!

Just add $1 for free flow of Hot or Cold Green Tea and $4.40 for free flow of Soft drinks.

Cheese Corn

You can end your buffer with a cup of Gelato with 4 flavours to choose from: Mango, Vanilla, Matcha and Chocolate.

Watch the full video here:

I totally recommend you to Gyu Kaku Wagyu Buffet. It is totally worth the price.

You can find Gyu Kaku at :
City Square Mall
Marina Square
UE Square
The Star Vista
Waterway Point
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