Seletar Aerospace Park Singapoholiday

Seletar Aerospace Park is another place where you can enjoy the park and Aeroplane. Even their playground is designed with aeroplane theme and aeroplane board game! 

Children will definitely love the big and special playground.

You can also walk around Seletar Aerospace where you can see aeroplanes and history houses. Definitely something different you can explore here. It is really another peaceful side of Singapore.
You can also enjoy many cafe nearby. Like Wildseed Cafe and Bar at The Summerhouse. It is fullhouse and waiting time is 30mins when we arrive, so I assume it is popular one here. You can choose to wait or check out other cafe which many seats available like Wheeler's Estate is looks like a bar to me where buckets of beer on the table.

There is also this Five by Sansfacon where you can enjoy nice coffee and cakes.

Of course, there is more like Chow Cute Cafe, Young's Bar & Restaurant, Diwei Teochew Restaurant. All are nearby and walkable. 

Wheeler's Estate

Five by Sansfacon

You can see aeroplane just opposite of Five by Sanfacon.


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