Lorong Halus Wetland Singapoliday


The the most famous part of Lorong Halus Wetland is this bridge. You have to cross over this bridge to reach Lorong Halus Wetland. I would say this is a really small Park.

If you wish to go buy car, the nearest parking is at Tebing Lane. Go straight down and you can find this Lorong Halus Bridge.

You can also reach here by connecting from Punggol Park. 


This is how Lorong Halus Wet Land Look like. It is hot to walk on afternoon. Kids can experience paddy fields here.

It is walkable and no cycling inside wetland. 

This Lorong Halus Bridge is really really nice with shelter. The wind is strong and cooling. Everyone just love enjoying the breeze here.

This is Lorong Halus Wetland map. It is really a small park. You can jog down to Serangoon Island (Coney Island) in 2km. 

There is also bicycle renting like SGBike along Tebing Lane to Lorong Halus. You can grab a bicycle and breeze through the nature. It's really a nice experience for me.


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