Hai Chi Jia Suan La Fen 嗨吃家酸辣粉

Hai Chi Jia Suan la Fen is the best Suan la Feb among the rest of the Brand’s. This is so far I tried the best! 

Easy and usual cup noodle. Put in hot water and wait for 5mins... dala!! 

See.... they really have every details of ingredients including peanuts! Spicy and peanuts always the best companion! 

Open up each packet and put in the cup.

Lastly the noodle. 

It's like glass noodle. This noodle totally a good combination to eat with the mala.

After 5 mins, honestly I cannot wait to eat it and forget to capture the once cooked moment.

Even my kids that don’t take spicy also did not stop them from keep eating. 

Totally love it! 

I would recommend Buy verdict!
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