Bake Rainbow Flaky Layer Mooncake Recipe

Everyone love it! It give you another bright day!

 There are 3 parts we need to prepare

A. Water Base

300g Plain Flour
30g Sugar
105g Ghee
140ml Water

Weight the dough and divide to 10 balls.

B. Oil Base

280g Plain Flour
40g Corn Flour
120g Ghee

If you wish to have 4 colours, divide part 2 to four sets with each set one colour.
Weight the dough and divide each colours to 10 balls.

C. Lotus Paste
30g x 10 = 300g

You can add melon seeds, as long as total weight is 30g.
You can also can half of salted egg yolk inside.

Step 1: 
Prepare the balls and Lotus

Step 2: 
Flatten the Part A ball and wrap the 4 colours ball from Part B. Roll them into ball shape

Step 2:  
Flatten the ball into long rectangle to and roll it from bottom right to top left.

Step 3: 
Flatten the Step 2 into rectangle again. Flatten as thin as possible to let it looks nicer with thinner line. I did not know that for the first time. Therefore, it looks very rough.

Step 4: 
Roll it like poh piah shape and cut into half.

Step 5:
Flatten from the back and it will turn onto circle like this:

Step 6: 
Put the Lotus inside and roll to circle

Shape it into Circle and ready for bake. Put in oven at 170 degree for 20 mins.

Step 8: 
This is really nice flaky rainbow mooncake. It can last up to a month with air tight container.

Lesson learnt

1. Flatten as thin as possible to give more nice lines.

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