Hawkerman Seletar Mall Sengkang

I always pass by and wanted to try. When i pass by, it always not crowded. It is spacious and has bigger table and seats which I like it! Hawkerman is under Tenderfresh Group and it is a Halal place.

It is like hawker style, where you have to go to the one counter to order and collect them later when your number is called. 

They serve local delicacies with their innovation idea

It is a children friendly place where you can have kids cutlery and baby chair. There are variety of choices from western, local food to tea time set.

Teriyaki Rice which come with Acah, nice sambal and crispy anchovies. It is a big portion that worth the money.

Lemon Roasted Rice. It is roasted evenly and totally appetising. 

What i like about Hawkerman, the food are mostly includes a portion of vegetables which i believe they care about every eater diet.

Chicken bolognese

You can have your tea break here where they have weekday promo of tea/coffee with pohpiah at $4.50 from 2-6pm.

Hawker man fried chicken set at $7.90. Crispy and worth the price.

Loh Mee - $9.90. 
The soup is delicious but ingredients is not worth the $9.90.

This is their specialities pohpiah at $3.90. Recommend this! The filling is fresh, crispy and delicious.

Maki pohpiah which looks like Japanese style. They wrapped seaweed outside the pohpiah skin. You have to eat it fast as the seaweed will soggy after a while. I love the spiciness.


The Seletar Mall
3 Sengkang West Ave

This has been shut down and take over by Collin. 
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