Shang Social Jewel Airport

Shang Social is a member of Shangri-La.

When i reach at 12pm on weekend, i am in the waiting list of No 9 which I need to wait for 45mins to an hour. It definitely worth the waiting.

This is a meat pau with sesame which is not on the menu that you can order directly. It looks very attractive but I feel is a common pau with sesame.

This is really good as the meat as the right proportion of fats and lean meat.

Beijing duck skin. This is also good with tasty skin and wrap.

Beijing duck meat where they separate out the skin and serve it separately.

I also ordered Cha Siew Rice. The Cha Siew is really good where is like 2-3cm thick with the right proportion of fats and leans meat. Totally love it.

Jewel Airpot
(Just beside the elevator of Rain Vortec)


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