Best Nasi Lemak in Jalan Kayu Sengkang

Thohirah Restaurant Jalan Kayu Sengkang
This is the Nasi Lemak i ordered first time i visited Thohirah Restaurant.

Thohirah Restaurant Jalan Kayu Sengkang
This is the Nasi Lemak i ordered second time i visited Thohirah Restaurant.

Though slightly different, it's essentially the same. Of all the dishes they have, I adore their Nasi Lemak the most—a wholesome rice dish complemented by delightful sambal (that perfect sweet and spicy blend), crispy anchovies (a morning favorite), accompanied by fried fish and chicken. The best part? It's always served piping hot! It also my frequent visit place for Nasi Lemak. Nasi Lemak is priced at $5.50.

Thohirah dishes out hot prata, and let me tell you, their curry sauce is beyond delicious. It's so good, I could almost sip it like soup!

Thohirah Fried Rice

Imagine a fried rice that lacks any distinct flavor or excitement—a bland dish with a usual mix of ingredients that fails to tantalize your taste buds, leaving you longing for something more vibrant and flavorful.

Thohirah Fried Noodle
Fried noodle malay style is spicy. It has a bit overly of yellow noodle taste. If you are someone that sensitive of that, may not recommend you this dish.

Maggi noddle Thai version

Thohirah fried rice with chicken
Fried rice with chicken 

Thohirah huge drink

Their drinks are enormous, perfect for chatting all night with friends over just one serving. For kids, sharing is a must; otherwise, they won't be able to finish it all by themselves!

Thohirah Indoor

Thohirah entrance

Thohirah has a wide range of Food Selection

Thohirah has a wide variety of selection from muslim, indian, satay to chinese dishes. Cyclist and supper guys will always go there. They open 24 hours! it you are unable to sleep of hungry or work overnight, yeah.. you can opt to visit Thohirah anytime.

The food arrives steaming hot and swiftly. Weekends are bustling all day, and from dinner until late, it's packed every day. You might need a short wait for a seat.

Is Thohirah a family-friendly place?

Indoors offer a cozy, air-conditioned setting perfect for families, while outdoors is great for friends looking to hang out. It's a fantastic spot to unwind and chill. For family with baby, yes they have baby chair.

You can check out their menu here.


4/5 portion are generous and delicious and place of spacious

Coming Again?|Datang Lagi?|再来?

Yes. It a nice place to unwind and chill with friends


258 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799487
(Just beside the Parking lot)

Opening Hour|Waktu Buka|营业时间

Open 24 hours

Order Online |Pesanan Dalam Talian|网上订购Order through Panda 

Thohirah Restaurant reviews are based on personal judgement and scenario on the day I visited.

I really hope these reviews could help you.

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