Thohirah Restaurant Jalan Kayu Sengkang


Both are Nasi Lemak $5.50. Although a bit different but is same same.
I really love their Nasi Lemak. Healthy rice, nice sambal (those sweet spicy type), crispy anchovies (especially in the morning), come with fried fish and fried chicken.

Prata served hot and the curry sauce is really delicious. I can even take it like soup.

They drinks are huge, where you can chat all night with friends.

Thohirah has a wide variety of selection.Cyclist and supper guys will always go there. They open 24 hours!

Foods are served hot and fast. It is always crowded at weekend day time and everyday on dinner to supper time. You may need to wait a bit to get our seats. They have in-door with air-conditioner and also out door.

For family with baby, yes they have baby chair.

You can check out their menu here.

Thohirah Restaurant
258 Jln Kayu, Singapore 799487
(Just beside the Parking lot)

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