Flying Pig at Golden Mile Complex

If you miss Thailand food, i would definitely suggest GOLDEN MILE COMPLEX.
You will find a number of FREE FLOW Mookata that come with free flow drinks too.

But today, i am prefer to eat Thai Delicacy instead.

I am in Flying Pig.

This is the prawn omelette rice with Garlic Pork and Basil Pork which priced at $29! It is a big plate which enough for 4 if you are ordering others. It come with Thai chilli. 

Papaya Salad is only $7 with quite a big portion. It is quite spicy.

This Pork Skewer is really one of my favourite especially you dip with the sauce. Pork are well marinated and juicy!
$2 per stick.

Clear Tom Yam Soup! It is light weight with balance of sour and spiciness which priced at $12.

It could be the last view of Golden Mile Complex as it is going to be refresh soon.

Golden Mile Complex 
G, Beach Rd, Golden Mile Complex, 199588


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