Chicago Chicken City better than KFC @ Johor


When you hear Chicago Chicken City, you must be thinking somewhere in US! No... it is in Johor Malaysia! The design of outside and inside of it definitely make you feel you are really in Chicago!

Chicago Chicken City is a building by itself with free parking within it's compound. You can also drive through to make your purchase like what is in McD or KFC fast food.

Inside Chicago Chicken City, it is bright and spacious. Ordering is smooth and fast. It is not crowded during weekday evening.

Seats are far apart and they have high table seat too. Very Instagramable place! They have a clean washroom too.

Other than Chicken, they do have burgers and Pizzas. It is like one stone kill Three birds. You can have the chicken and the kids can have the pizza.

If you dine in, drinks are refillable! Condiment and drinks are self service.

5 pcs Chicken + One big Coleslaw + One big Potato + 2 cups of Refillable Drinks 
for RM 36.96

The chicken is really juicy and tender even for Breast Meat. Skin are crispy and appetising.

As for Coleslaw, i feel the sauce is too concentrated which you will feel more jerky when you are eating more and more. I prefer KFC Coleslaw. 


This is smash potato which looks like fish ball at the first glance. Taste is just nice.

Food come in paper box and given paper plates. You will be given empty cups, so just refill from the machine anytime.

They do not provide tissue paper but a clean and decent place for you to wash your hand. Bring own tissue!

They do sell Pizza too but only in 3 flavours at only RM16.90 where it come with 8 slices.

Pizza flavours available are:
ChickenNoni Pizza
Chickyhaiwaian Pizza
Cheesyria Pizza

I would recommend you to Chicago Chicken City over KFC because the place is not crowded and if you kids need pizza over Chicken.

The chicken is delicious and place is cleaner!

If you visit Chicago Chicken City on Wednesday, there is a pasar malam (night market) near by!


4/5 Juicy Chicken but location is far deep from the 

Coming Again?|Datang Lagi?|再来?

Yes. I can enjoy chicken + Pizza at the same place


6A, Jalan Sagu 18, Taman Daya, 81100 Johor Bahru.

Opening Time|Waktu Buka|营业时间

10:00am - 11:00pm

Chicago Chicken City reviews are based on personal perception and scenario on the day I visited.

I really hope these reviews could help you.

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