One Chicken Hotpot 一锅鸡 at Marine Country Club

Vegetable and Mushroom section.

They also offer cooked fries, nugget and also mocktails!

Meat and seafood section. 
They offer a nice meats although not variety. A number of seafood like muscle, clam, prawn.

You can also help yourself with variety of sauces and noodles.

I love this place as it is cozy and spacious. Kids can easily help them self. 

There are two types of soup, one is the black sauce spicy or without spicy and herb soup.

Herb soup pot. 

The shop is easily spotted at the front row shop of Marina Country Club.

You can choose indoor or outdoor seating. Indoor is with air-conditioner and the food is inside. If you sit outside, it is windy and spacious but need to walk a bit to get your food.

They offering $18.90 for children and $22.90 for adult at nett price!
Price come with refillable drinks.
You can choose either half or one chicken at the same cost!

It is located inside Marina Country Club which you can see a lot nice ship parking there. There is other restaurant facing the sea, you can hang out here after your One Chicken Hotpot.

11 Northshore Dr, Singapore 828670

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