Genting SkyWorlds Hotel: Spacious New Paradise for Families (But Read This Before Booking!)

Looking for a spacious and brand new hotel for your family getaway to Genting Highlands? Look no further than Genting SkyWorlds Hotel! This massive hotel boasts unique Japanese tatami-style rooms (amenities may vary) perfect for a comfortable and unforgettable stay with the whole crew.

Here's Why Families Will Love Genting SkyWorlds Hotel:

  • Spacious Rooms for Family Fun: Spread out and relax in the extra-large rooms, ideal for kids to play freely. Three queen-sized beds (or two kings as I experienced) ensure a comfortable sleep for everyone.
  • Sparkling Clean & Brand New: Experience the fresh, clean feeling of a brand new hotel. Everything is spotless and well-maintained.
  • Entertainment for All Ages: Keep the kids entertained with the in-room TV featuring a wide variety of channels,including cartoon favorites, exciting sports channels, and even local entertainment like Hua Lai Toi.
  • Essential Amenities at Your Fingertips: The room comes fully equipped with everything you need, including a safety box, fridge, water heater, complimentary drinks and water, hairdryer, toiletries, slippers, and towels (be sure to check the initial quantity).
  • Theme Park Right at Your Doorstep: The best part? Step out of your hotel and straight into the thrilling world of SkyWorlds Theme Park! Enjoy a day filled with heart-pounding rides and family fun.
  • 24/7 Late-Night Eats: Craving a bite after a long day of adventures? Old Town White Coffee, conveniently located just opposite the hotel, is open 24/7, offering delicious and satisfying meals anytime.

We booked Sixers Room which is contains 3 Queen beds, but was given 2 King beds instead.

Toilet is spacious too! There are the 4 towels.
Design is cozy and cute!

Everything is new and clean!

Room number is on the floor. When I was looking for my room, I am searching where is the number! 

Our room is not located at the main building of Genting SkyWorlds Hotel. We have to walk another 5 mins through a bridge to Valley wing, then take lift down to our designated room. 

Things to Keep in Mind for a Smooth Stay:

  • A bit of walking: While booking a "Sixers Room" (perfect for 6!), I was initially assigned a room in the Valley Wing on my first visit. This requires a bit of a walk (around 5 minutes) through a bridge and a lift ride down. 
  • Parking: The closest parking I found was at First World Hotel, which adds to the walking distance if you have a car. Consider alternative parking options or be prepared for a bit of a walk.
  • Theme Park Height Restrictions: The exciting SkyWorlds Theme Park is right there, but keep in mind the height restrictions for rides. My kids, just under 140cm, were charged adult prices but couldn't enjoy all the rides due to their height. Pro tip: Download the Theme Park app in advance to check height requirements for rides

Theme park is just right in front of the hotel. This is the nearest place from the hotel.
Opposite left, you will find Old town which open 24 hours. So, not so bad to find supper.

This is the new outdoor Themepark, the Skyworlds Genting Theme park.
My kids are just below 140cm tall, but then they are charged for Adult ticket. As long as you are 110cm above, you are charged Adult ticket yet you cannot enjoy all the rides. 
All rides are height limit to play too! 

Make you choice if worth going in. You can download the Theme park app, it written all the rides height required.

Hope you enjoy your trip in Genting World Genting!

Updates for 2024:

I'm happy to report that on my second visit, I was assigned a room on the 7th floor, much closer to the main pathway, making it a much easier walk. This room even had a balcony! The cleanliness and spaciousness remained consistent.

Coming Back? 

Absolutely! This hotel offers great value for a new and spacious stay, especially if you snag a room in the main building.


New, big, worth the value but just sometimes being assigned to another far away room that you have to walk a bit.

Coming Again?|Datang Lagi?|再来?

Yes. New big and worth the value.


Genting SkyWorlds , Resorts World, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

Genting Skyworld Hotel reviews are based on personal judgement and scenario on the day I visited.

I really hope these reviews could help you.


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