Japanese Ekiben which is a type of bento - Which to choose in Shin-Osaka Station?

Japanese Ekiben which is a type of bento - Which to choose in Shin-Osaka Station?

Ekiben are a specific type of bento boxed meals, sold on trains and at train stations in Japan. They come with disposable chopsticks or spoons. Ekiben containers can be made from plastic, wood, or ceramic. Many train stations have become famous for their ekiben made from local food specialties.

1. Eki Marche

It open at 530am for Shinkansen users. There is two shops, one located outside and one located inside the station. Ekiben inside the the station open as early as 530am!

Outside the station may only open at 7am.


English address:
3F Shin-Osaka Station, 5-16-1 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, 532-0011

Japanese address:
〒532-0011 大阪市淀川区西中島5-16-1 新大阪駅3F

Opening hours:
Varies by shop

Varies by shop

Nearest Transport:
Train: Inside the ticket gates of JR regular lines in Shin-Osaka Station.

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2. Hippari-dako Meshi by Awajiya

This bento, “Hippari-dako Meshi” was born in 1988 to celebrate a successful completion of Akashi-Kaikyo bridge to connect Kobe City and Awaji-City both in Hyogo prefecture. Since then, this ekiben has been very popular. At a first glance, you will be surprised at its appearance. A ceramic jar is packed with boiled octopus, conger eels and vegetables. Under these delis, you will find flavored rice (with stock and soy sauce). Once you start eating, its volume is bigger than how it looks. If you find yourself not wanting to get rid of the container after a meal, it may be a good idea to clean it thoroughly and take it home as a souvenir (1,000 JPY with tax).

Read more about it here.

They have a Branch in Osaka-Train Station: Tsuruhashi station

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