Indulge in the Exquisite Delights of Konjiki Hototogisu Ramen 金色不如帰 - A Must-Try Experience!

Super Black Spicy Ramen Set

When i pass by this shop in 100am during dinner time on one weekend, it was quiet. The shop was not appealing to me but i was in the crave of having ramen. So, let's try this shop.

Konjiki Hototogisu Ramen 金色不如帰 has One Michelin star for 5 consecutive years from Japan! It is a msg-free Ramen. It was awarded from 2019-2023 Tokyo Michelin Star and listed on Tokyo Michelin Bib Gourmand 2015-2018. Hototogisu‘s Ramen contains only natural ingredients from land and sea.

Super Black Spicy Ramen Set

All ramen set come with a side dishes and drink.

Super Black Spicy Ramen is so spicy that it drizzled with Sriracha sauce and house made super spicy black paste. 

Don't judge a book by it's cover. The ramen is really good.

 Tonkatsu Original Ramen Set

As you take your first sip, the bold flavors unfold on your palate. The initial warmth from the spices gradually intensifies, releasing a symphony of complex and well-balanced tastes. Spicy ramen soup is a true culinary adventure that captivates those who appreciate the thrill of heat and the intricate dance of flavors. Whether you prefer a subtle spice or crave an intense, sweat-inducing kick, this bold and invigorating soup is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and craving more.




The broth of Ramen, particularly the spicy variety, is incredibly gratifying. However, it's worth noting that the quality can vary across different establishments.

Coming Again?|Datang Lagi?|再来?

Yes, only to this branch


100AM, 100 Tras St, Singapore 079027

Opening Time|Waktu Buka|营业时间

Weekday 11:30am - 3:30pm, 5:30am - 9:30pm

Order Online |Pesanan Dalam Talian|网上订购You book from FoodPanda, Deliveroo

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