🇸🇬 Turkey: Your Guide to Rose Romance at Gardens by the Bay, Sawa!

Calling all flower lovers and garden enthusiasts, la! This June, Gardens by the Bay is serving up a more stunning sight now! We're talking about the Rose Romance floral display, a blooming beautiful collaboration between Singapore and the amazing country of Turkey. Mark your calendars, and come because this event is petaling its way through the Flower Dome from June 2nd to June 30th, 2024!

Turkey in the Flower Dome?

You heard that right, lah! This year's Rose Romance isn't just about the classic red roses (although there will be plenty of those too!). The display takes you on a fragrant journey through Turkish history and culture, showcasing the deep connection the country has with this timeless flower. Get ready to be amazed by:Spectacular Rose Arches: Imagine walking through tunnels of colorful roses, like something straight out of a fairy tale. #InstaPerfect moment, confirm!
  • Turkish Delights (the floral kind!): Discover rare and unique rose varieties from Turkey, some you might not have even seen before!

Beyond the Roses: A Celebration of Turkish Culture

But Rose Romance isn't just about the flowers, lah! The exhibit also features elements that highlight the rich cultural heritage of Turkey. Keep an eye out for:

  • Traditional Turkish Architecture: Get a glimpse of stunning Turkish design Antonine Nymphaeum is an ancient city of Sagalassos, located in southwest Türkiye, in the province of Burdur. Step back in time and marvel at a replica of this awe-inspiring monument dedicated to the nymphs. Imagine these rose-adorned structures gracing ancient Roman cities!

  • Pamukkale Thermal Pools Replica: Witness a miniaturized version of this natural wonder, where cascading white travertine terraces meet blooming roses - a sight for sore eyes!
  • Live Rose Distillation Demonstrations: See the fascinating process of extracting rose oil, a precious ingredient in perfumes and other products.

  • Spectacular Rose Arches: Imagine walking through tunnels of colorful roses, like something straight out of a fairy tale. #InstaPerfect moment, confirm! Do you know? There is different type of roses like climbing rose, Black roses, Hybrid tea roses, floribunda roses, miniature roses and more. But you can see all these roses at Flower dome garden by the bay now!


  • Traditional Bodrum Houses: Imagine quaint, whitewashed houses with colorful accents, recreated using flowers! Just like the ones you'd see dotting the Bodrum Peninsula.

  • Perfume Store: Step into a world of captivating scents and discover a selection of exquisite Turkish perfumes.Traditional Turkish perfumes and colognes include scents such as rose, jasmine, amber, and oud.

  • Information Panels: Learn interesting facts about the history of rose cultivation and its importance in Turkish culture.

Tips for Your Rose Romance Visit:

  • Beat the Crowd: If you want to avoid the peak times, consider going early in the morning or later in the afternoon.
  • Wear Comfortable Shoes: There's a lot to see in the Flower Dome, so be prepared for some walking.
  • Bring Your Water Bottle: Stay hydrated, especially if you're visiting on a hot day.
  • It can be cold inside and hot outside: Bring Jacket incase.
  • Don't Forget Your Camera: You'll definitely want to capture all the beauty of this floral extravaganza.

Why Visit Garden By the Bay Singapore 

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Perfect for All Ages:

Whether you're a seasoned photographer, a flower enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun family outing, Rose Romance has something for everyone. Children will be captivated by the vibrant colors and playful displays, while adults can appreciate the beauty of the flowers and the cultural significance of the event.

Planning Your Visit:

Rose Romance is a popular event, so plan your visit accordingly. Tickets to the Flower Dome can be purchased online or on-site. Consider visiting during weekdays to avoid peak crowds. Rose Romance will end on 30 June 2024. 

They open from 9am to 9pm (last admission 8:30pm)

Buy your ticket here.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the magic of Rose Romance at Gardens by the Bay! Jio (invite) your friends and family, and get ready for a blooming good time!
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