Quote of the day: Poems of the day

for reddie:
project here project there,
deadline here deadline there,
computer debug here,
but stuck there

for pinkie :
meeting i went to just now,
exec keep on po poh po peh non stop,
i thought boss will praise up,
mana tau what i got is screw up

for greenie:
customer ignore me,
manager push me,
lee lie me,
and now no one kuan sim me...

i rather sing,
i rather talk,
i rather take my bag,
and go home straight

For Purplie:
i day day in office
chit chit chat chat non stop
boss dun bother on bonus
and i don'tbother on work..
so now i so happy
as u all day day chat with me.

For Blackie:
thurs come and gone,
i tot i was alone,
but luckily u by my side,
so i promise to be there for u
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