Nando's which was not in Singapore and Singaporean tend to go Malaysia have this delicacy. It is a roast chicken with peri peri sauce. Nando's is roast chicken with their own make peri-peri sauce. It has four different type of sauces with different spiciness. Ok, one of Nando's sauce is not spicy. For spicy food lover, Extra-hot peri peri sauce will make you make a come back. FYI: you can buy the peri peri sauce at hyper market now! Make your own!

Nando's is now in Singapore.

Nando's has many branches in Malaysia and Singapore now where mostly located inside shopping mall.

Their hot selling item would be the quarter chicken meal which come with two side dishes where you can pick from a list. You can also order half chicken set it whole chicken. For quarter chicken, I will always ask for drumstick part! Don't be shy to ask for your part.

Yes! is my favourite food!

PRICE | 价钱 

LOVE | 爱


Vary for different branch. Check their website.

WHERE | 那里
Malaysia and Singapore

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