Prawning @ AMK

Do you know that Singapore was famous of fishing? This is only for fishing prawn. It's full on Sunday!! The price was calculate based on...Read More


It's have a lot of variety of Dim sum to dessert. The pumpkin pao was good and the porridge was like HongKong porridge which is small ...Read More

Tanah Lot, Bali

Before i am there, I surf in website.... Tanah lot.. wow.. some place that i wanted to be there.. You won't be able to go to the temple...Read More

Pat-Mase Hotel, Bali

Our Three Rooms with one Private Pool Villa in Pat-Mase Hotel. There is two rooms at the ground floor and third room on the second floor. Th...Read More

BBQ crab

BBQ is a common activities among peers. Chicken wing, hotdog, fish ball, prawn were among popular food in BBQ. Then if you BBQ with this Mr ...Read More

Big Apple Donut

Big apple donut come in variety of flavour. It is not so sweet so no worry and  the bread is very soft. i like it so much. Once you start, y...Read More
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